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iVT -
Petrol engine,
Diesel efficiency

Camcon Auto is developing iVT, an electrically driven valvetrain for internal combustion engines. It delivers engines with lower emissions and higher performance. This short video explains some of the benefits. There is more information on the rest of the website

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iVT introduces fully digital control of airflow. Running engine tests indicate up to 6% steady state reductions in carbon dioxide production with a further 7-9% expected from improved combustion control during transients. HC and NOx emissions can also be significantly reduced. We expect fully calibrated vehicle results to be even better.


iVT allows engine control with unprecedented capability and outstanding results, Downsized engines which are more responsive to driver demand and can switch combustion cycle as required. The engine does what the driver needs and the valvetrain fits in conventional package dimensions

At  a cost
that works

iVT operates at 12V, uses proven, established manufacturing techniques  and is designed for manufacture from the ground up. On-cost is in line with the CO2 value equation. IVA will be supplied by the Tier 1 auto supply chain.

iVT for Combustion Development

Camcon offers 4V single cylinder heads for research and development purposes. Find out more....

iVT Flexibility

Digital control enables unparalleled flexibility on timing, lift, phase and shape of valve events, Find out more,,,,

iVT 101

We explain the basics of how iVTworks to achieve its unbeatable benefits

iVT Benefits

Camcon is only just beginning to understand the possibilities for improved vehicle performance. Here is some of what we have learned.

iVT Partners

Camcon is working with Tier 1 manufacturers to bring IVA to market, and recruiting other OEMs. Could it be you?

Other Applications

Camcon's technology does not just benefit engines. To show the breadth of applications on vehicles, we have developed other systems for use in transmission and HGV braking to date.


Packaging and safety requirements are leading to rapid growth in the fitment of Electric Park Brakes (EPB). Camcon’s Electric Transmission Lock provides an alternative solution that is effective, compact and low-cost and also eliminates the challenges associated with friction-based EPB technologies

The video above is a BBC business news report on the work of the CVDC, of which Camcon is a member and Camcon actuators enable the rapid response braking shown in the film. You can see the original report on the BBC website

HGV Brakes

A new ABS control mechanism that allows fuel-efficient low rolling resistance tyres to be fitted without any impact on stopping distance. Alternatively, a reduction in stopping distance of up to 20% can be achieved.