Ambition drives innovation

Our ambition: Reduce CO2 and emissions, cut fuel consumption and improve performance. 

Our innovation:
Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA)

Reduce emissions

IVA enables digital control of airflow. Conventional engine models predict substantial reductions in carbon dioxide production, HC and NOx emissions. We expect reality to be even better.

Improve performance

IVA allows engine control with unprecedented results, Downsized engined which are responsive to drivers and can switch combustion cycle as demand requires. The engine does what you need.

At a cost that works

Valves are always under control, and our system uses proven, established volume components and is designed for manufacture from the ground up. On-cost is in line with competitive systems.

Welcome to Camcon Auto

Camcon designs automotive systems based on our proprietary actuator technology. We make things faster, better and cheaper - improving vehicle performance and increasing competitive advantage for our customers.


To show the breadth of applications on vehicles, we have developed systems for use in engine, transmission and HGV braking to date.


IVA is a new ‘valve-by-wire’ technology that provides independent control of valve lift, timing and period for all engine speed and load conditions. IVA brings engine valve control into the digital age with a dramatic technology step that allows existing engine designs to deliver substantial emissions and fuel economy improvements


Packaging and safety requirements are leading to rapid growth in the fitment of Electric Park Brakes (EPB). Camcon’s Electric Transmission Lock provides an alternative solution that is effective, compact and low-cost and also eliminates the challenges associated with friction-based EPB technologies

HGV Brakes

A new ABS control mechanism that allows fuel-efficient low rolling resistance tyres to be fitted without any impact on stopping distance. The system also uses around five percent less air than a conventional system.

Intelligent Valve Actuation

IVA is a full authority, electro-magnetic, poppet-valve actuation system which can actuate inlet, exhaust or both inlet and exhaust valves on an internal combustion engine. Advanced, multi-stable, electronically controlled,BAT based actuators drive individual desmodromic valve trains for each valve and an Energy recovery spring (ERS) assists to drive or slow the actuator when “boost” is required. 

IVA has different system operating modes that provide an unbeatable control range of valve lift, timing and period; irrespective of crank angle and almost independent of each other – the mechanical link to the crank is completely broken. This gives the same increase in control and performance as analogous digital transitions in auto such as carburettors to fuel injection, or points based ignition with mechanical advance/retard to fully electronic ignition systems.

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Market demand led Camcon to focus on a couple of initial transmission applications: Park Lock and Drive Line Disconnect. 

Through an internally funded program these products have been moved from concept to Production Intent samples, which are now accumulating mileage on vehicle with a reputable OEM.

Camcon is looking for Tier 1 manufacturers to bring these products to market.

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HGV Braking

The video above is a BBC business news report on the work of the CVDC, of which Camcon is a member and Camcon actuators enable the rapid response braking shown in the film. You can see the original report on the BBC website

The use of compressed air causes truck ABS systems to be slow and significantly less effective than car systems. A system of controlling air-powered truck brakes using BAT valves derived from a Camcon design has been developed by a consortium, based in Cambridge University, which includes Haldex Brakes, Volvo, Goodyear and others. 

It has been demonstrated that a truck ABS system using BAT valves would reduce emergency stopping distances by up to 20%, while also significantly reducing the amount of compressed air needed. The implications in terms of vehicle safety, insurance costs and fleet operating costs are extremely significant.

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Danny Chapchal, CEO

Chapchal was CEO of Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), a spin-off a from Cambridge University until its successful sale.Post-CDT he has served as CEO of Bit Arts, and served as a non-executive director of Scipher plc and Trace plc.Before CDT, he held chief executive position at: ISGI - part of Siemens Nixdorf, SQL Systems International, Fifth Wave Technology & Xenotron

Roger Stone, Chief Engineer

An experienced engineer with a commercial focus and board level experience. Roger has 35 years in the powertrain industry covering gasoline and diesel engines from motorcycles through passenger cars to trucks and medium speed engines. A strategic thinker and effective problem solver, Roger manages our strong team on the IVA programme.

Mark Gostick, COO

Mark Gostick, originally an engineer, now helps emerging technology companies develop their business strategies from concept to implementation.
He has worked in various commercial roles, for firms as varied as Nimbus Records to Liquavista, a flat panel display spin-out from Philips successfully sold to Samsung Display. Gostick was CEO.

Camcon Auto’s engineering and product development team is organised through a network of independent consulting engineers, each of whom is world-class in their own right.

By combining expertise on a project-by-project basis, Camcon Auto can ensure the right mix of talent, with the minimum of fuss. World-class automotive product development capability is available on demand.


Camcon's Strategy:

Partner with OEMs. Deliver through Tier 1 suppliers

Camcon has partnered with substantial OEMs for our  programmes, so that we develop products that are ready for the real world. We have demonstrators fitted to vehicles, and engine level integration for IVA.

We are always happy to talk to new partners about programmes, and to work with their suppliers to make the products a reality.

Our patented actuator architecture has many other uses in the auto sector, and we would welcome the chance to work together to explore new opportunities

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